Video: Andrew Kimbrell Interview – Advancing The Fight For Food Safety

Food safety (and quality) is a very important factor in the pursuit of optimum health. While some in society are not as concerned about what’s in our food, to others, it’s crucial enough to the point of litigation. In this video Dr. Mercola interviews Andrew Kimbrell, who is the Executive Director of the Center For Food Safety, and is also an environmental lawyer. Andrew dispels a number of myths concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) that have been promulgated by the very companies who are making billions off of such perversions of food. One of the most common myths is that GMOs help feed the third world but he says that the data simply does not confirm this assertion.

Andrew explains that there is no benefit to GMOs on any level, and that the environmental risk and dangers of such GMO food is where our focus should be. Europe has stricter laws on food labeling, and by and large GMOs haven’t had much of a foothold there in contrast to the headlock that’s allowed here in the states. In the U. S. there have been attempts in recent years (and some victories) on labeling GMOs. These advocates for labeling have been met with fierce opposition from the chemical companies who engineer such foods. Andrew conveys that these companies know that when their product is labeled, they lose out financially. He says candidly, that if what they are offering provides a benefit to the consumers, they would happily make that known via a label. What I find despicable (if true), is that an industry insider -of Monsanto, who is at the forefront of producing this “frankenfood”- even admitted to him that they know how GMOs are destroying American agriculture as we know it! Andrew is confident that in the future GMOs will become a thing of the past.

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